The Comfort Club!


Why not be your Best You and

Take Care of You too?


Join me!


  1. How many women will be in the group? The Comfort Club is a mighty group no matter the size! 

  2. What if I change my mind? You have options. If you change your mind before we start, you can get a full refund, of course. Otherwise, it's non-refundable. However, if you need to step away but still want to be a Comfort Club member, you are welcomed to join a group at a later date. 

  3. I want to spread the news! How often will you offer the Comfort Club? I anticipate at least once or twice a year.

  4. How will I get my gifts? Your first gift, the e-book, What if I could ... ? Your Life Journey "Pre-Travel" Checklist (2017), you'll be able to download from our Member's Only page. And, your additional gift should arrive before the club closes (week eight). I'll let you know when it's on their way.

  5. What book will we use? We're going to draw from Jennifer Louden's best-seller, The Woman's Comfort Book: A Self Nurturing Guide for Restoring Balance in Your Life (2004). Over the years, I've gotten a lot of, well, comfort from her suggestions. What will make our Comfort Club so magical is the community that we'll build around our self-care. We'll get to experiment privately, then share our discoveries on Sunday, perhaps creating new techniques as we go. Cool!

  6. There are so many ideas in Louden's book; how will we get through them? We'll divide the resources into parts so that each week we'll focus on a few chapters. For example, in our first week, we'll talk about the introductory chapters then go off and try some. The next week, I'll introduce the next set, and then we'll try those, and so on. We'll have a chance to check-in with each other each week on Zoom and also online to find out how we did along the way. 

  7. I can't possibly read all that, especially with my schedule. Do I have to do it all? Absolutely not! You can do as much or as little as your spirit will permit. You may want to commit to trying just one at first. Or, there may be a few that "speak to you" in such a way that you have to try them all. Or, maybe you come up with treasured techniques on your own. You get to choose. 

  8. So, how is this all like Double Dutch again? While you may enjoy watching Double Dutch on the sidelines, there's nothing like the exhilaration of being in it, a part of the collective joy! The team spirit, the rhythm and the beat that locks in the body-memory, the affirmation and the challenge, all for the fun of it, that's what connects the two. Think of Sundays as a meeting in our private "playground," where we get to relax, and share ways to "just be."

  9. I can see that the Comfort Club will be helpful. Can it replace my therapy? No—please don’t cancel your therapy. The Comfort Club is neither advice (mentoring), therapy (medical), nor counseling (social work). The Club is, however, may impact specific personal projects, business successes or general conditions in your life or profession. It is distinct from mentoring, therapy, and counseling in that it is specifically designed to a) help you identify strategies to help sustain or improve upon your self-care; and b) guide you in community with others to shape and monitor the strategies you’ve identified that will support your success, as you define it.

  10. What if I’m under medical supervision or in counseling or therapy? Before becoming an active participant, why not consult with your medical and other health care professionals about any potential risks, and secure their permission to allow you to participate? And, if there is any change in your circumstances in any way after entering the Club that would impact your participation in any way, let Deborah know immediately.

  11. Will you send us reminders about our weekly meetings? Absolutely.

  12. Will we be able to connect to Zoom by phone? Yep.

  13. What if we have technical difficulties? Well, we know that stuff happens. If the tech gets wacky, no worries. Having access to your email while we're on the call will help, just in case. I'll send you via email our dial-in number to continue via conference call. If things get really weird and we need to stop, we'll have predetermined a couple of Sundays for make-up.

  14. Will you share resources in case I want to find out more about self-care? Yes, certainly. I'll share them with you on our private Members Only site that will also be a place where you can too.





Join me!