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January 2020





The Comfort Club!



Why not be Your Best You and

Take Care of You too?



What is the Comfort Club?




It's a group of smart, savvy women “walking their walk” who together learn creative ways to nurture their self-compassion, reignite their self-care, and add sparkle to their joy.



Is it for me?




  • If you're feeling overwhelmed from balancing “plates of squid,” like finances, healthcare, childcare, eldercare, spouse care, family, friends, home, etc. while standing on your one "good leg,” it's for you;

  • If you're excited about the future and want to make sure that, this time, you honor what's important to you too, it's for you;

  • If your health demands that you make a change, right now, it's for you;

  • If you're feeling numb, stuck, or stagnant about what you want, what you can achieve, who you can be, it's for you;

  • If you're wondering, "what's my purpose?" and can't quite find time to even savor the question let alone answer it, it's for you;

  • If you're curious about what you can do to bump up the quality of your life, cultivate your self-love, and explore safe ways to "let go," it's for you;

  • If you're needing a fresh perspective, a shift in attitude, a way to recapture the excitement you had when you were, well, "you," it's for you.




Why a Comfort Club?



When I was a little girl, I used to go out to the playground and jump Double-Dutch. Oh, how I loved it! We learned together, got better together, laughed together, supported each other. We practiced. We praised. We kept going.

If you don't know what Double Dutch is, well you're in for a treat. It takes at least three people to play. So taking turns is part of it--all get to jump. Here's what TED’s Kyra Gaunt has to say. Kyra Gaunt: How the jump rope got its rhythm​


Like Double Dutch, the Comfort Club is an opportunity to come together to support each other, cheer each other on, share praise while we practice the art of self-care with all of the enthusiasm and focus we bring to something that gives us joy. It's space where we can gather together to nurture and support each other through our transition time, whatever we define it to be. And, like a playground, it's a place where we can have fun!

Why me? 




Like you, I'm walking my walk. (When I think about my retirement the future excites me). And, like you, I’m "juggling my squid," an incredible amount of new information, responsibilities, workloads, health concerns for myself and my family, and more. Whew!


While I pride myself on my management skills, I know that my default sacrifice is my self-care--who has the time? (Is this you, too? Do you beat yourself up because of something you "didn't do" instead of praising yourself for what you "did do"?)


"I am enough." "I can correct my course." "Small steps today." "It doesn't have to be hard."These are but a few of the affirmations that I breathe into each day. Spiritually rooted, I bring both a grounded way and a lightness of heart to all that I do. And this is what I want to share with you, a guided way to play with resources and techniques, like affirmations, to help you brighten your light from within.


When will the next Comfort Club begin? 
Winter session begins January 26
Registration opens January 13


Space is limited.

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