Jacinda T.


Metta S.

Last night I found myself mopping the kitchen floor. It was glorious work, washing away the weeks of accumulated muck. Muck I'd allowed to accumulate because I'd given up. On myself. On my abode. On the animals I care for. I'd given up. I'd grown tired. Weary. Life became drudge work. And I was life's little mule. Until my conversation with Dr. Deborah W. Holton. Our coaching session helped me to organize my chaos of issues. I left the session feeling refreshed, renewed. The homework I was offered didn't feel like homework but a person saying to me: I care that you succeed, so I'll check-in on your progress. I highly recommend this phenomenal teacher, divine spirit, coach.

Arisa W.

Our conversation was an instant life hack. Helping me define and clarify my values was powerful. Now I have a clear way of measuring things in my life that is rooted in how I stand and operate in the world. Recognizing that I am about process has brought about a greater sense and feeling of peace in my life. I feel grounded in something real, loving, and generative.